CHAOS Home Notifier Demo


What it does

The CHAOS Home Notifier Android app and Vera Home Control plugin, when combined, can trigger events when users arrive or leave home.

The Android app, available from the Google Play Store, can detect when you arrive home by monitoring the connected WiFi networks. The Vera Home Control plugin has a virtual switch for each home inhabitant, to keep track of who's home at any given time. It can remember the home-state of any number of users. Hence, scenes can be triggered and devices can be switched on and off when any individual's arrival or departure is detected by the Android app.

Phone At Home Phone Away From Home
ChaosHomeNotifierAppAtHome.png ChaosHomeNotifierAppAwayFromHome.png
CHAOS Plugin When At Home CHAOS Plugin When Away From Home
ChaosHomeNotifierAtHome.png ChaosHomeNotifierAwayFromHome.png

Setting Up the Phone App

When you first install the phone app you will see the following screen:


Initially it indicates that you are "Not at Home" because it does not yet know which network is your home network. The list in the centre of the screen contains all the WiFi networks that the phone has ever connected to. You can tick one or more networks to tell it which networks your phone connects to when at home. If we select the appropriate home networks, it immediately recognises that we are "At Home" when connected to that network.

For example, to tell the app that we are at home when connected to the network "UPC1374001" we would click this network in the list and the app would update to show:


That's all it takes. Now the Android app is monitoring WiFi connectivity to deduce your home presence at all times.

If you click the "Status History" button you will be brought to this screen:


This screen summarises the amount of time you've spent at home and away from home for the past week.

Installing and Setting Up the CHAOS Plugin on the Vera Home Control Hub

The steps involved in installing and setting up the CHAOS plugin are:

  1. Go to the Vera app store by clicking Apps then clicking Install Apps.
  2. Find and install the CHAOS Home Notifier plugin. The installed plugin will initially look like:
  3. Click the spanner icon on the upper-right of this plugin to access it's settings and go to the bottom of the Advanced tab:
  4. Replace the text in the "Comma-Seperated User Names" field with the names of users who will be running the phone app, separated by commas, e.g.:
  5. Click the 'x' in the upper-right of this plugin and click "Save" in the upper-right of the Vera browser window.
  6. Click 'Continue' and click 'Reload' to update the list of devices.
  7. When finished reloading, the list of CHAOS Home Notifier plugins should look something like:

If this did not fully work, reload the Micasaverde dashboard page a few more times until it works.

Now the phone app can be connected to control the state of the plugin for a given username when the phone arrives or leaves home.

Connecting the Phone App to the Vera Hub

When you have the phone app successfully detecting your home network(s) and have the Vera plugin configured with the names of the users who will be using the system, you can connect the two together. The steps to get the phone app to send updates to the CHAOS Vera plugin are:

  1. From the main app screen, click the "Automation Hub Connect" button.
  2. After a short time, the app will detect any Vera hubs in the home:
  3. When you choose a particular hub you will be presented with the options:
  4. To connect the phone app to a particular CHAOS plugin choose the option "Notify the CHAOS Home Notifier plugin".
  5. After a short time, the app will display all the relevant CHAOS plugins detected on the Vera hub:
  6. Choose the plugin name corresponding to the user of this phone. You will be brought back to the main screen, which will confirm that the plugin selection worked with a message on the bottom-left of the screen:

If setup was successful, when you arrive home the CHAOS plugin which the phone is configured to control will switch to the 'On' state and when you leave home it will switch to the 'Off' state. Now you can start playing with which devices to actuate or what scenes to trigger when these events occur.