App Development

CHAOS Tutorials

These tutorials will help you progress towards a becoming fully capable home automation app developer. All tutorials use the CHAOS Demonstrator software, available here.

This platform strongly utilises the Python programming language. While it is preferable that you have some experience programming with Python, it is certainly not mandatory. In fact the best way to really learn a language is to learn it with some objective in mind, like say, home automation.

However, if you have absolutely no experience in programming in Python, or any programming language for that matter, we'd highly recommend that you try one of the many wonderful references out there, like this one: Python Introduction. It should make these tutorials all the more productive.

- Tutorial 1
- Tutorial 2
- Tutorial 3
- Tutorial 4
- Tutorial 5
- Tutorial 6

API (Coming Soon)

- API Page 1

CHAOS Home Notifier Demo

Although this is technically not related to App development, this seems like the best place to put it. This link describes how to set up and use the CHAOS Home Notifier with your Vera Control home automation hub.